Class Time Table and Class Descriptions

For first time booking please call Hannah on 07738 200030 or email

Courses commence week beginning 3rd September, full descriptions below timetable. All classes are one hour. Pro rata payment applicable if joining part way through term.  

Private 1:1 classes are available throughout the week, please enquire.

  • Monday Carnon Downs 9.10am: Improvers

  • Monday Carnon Downs 10.15am: Mobility

  • Monday Carnon Downs 11.20am: Gentle

  • Monday Chacewater 6.10pm: Gentle/Improvers

  • Monday Chacewater 7.15pm: Intermediate

  • Monday Chacewater 8.20pm: Intermediate Plus

  • Tuesday Carnon Downs 12.40pm Gentle/Improvers SMALL GROUP

  • Tuesday Carnon Downs 1.40pm: Improvers SMALL GROUP

  • Tuesday Carnon Downs 2.50pm: Mobility

  • Tuesday Carnon Downs 3.55pm: Intermediate SMALL GROUP

  • Tuesday Carnon Downs 5pm: Gentle/Improvers SMALL GROUP

  • Tuesday Treleigh School Redruth 6.10pm: Intermediate

  • Tuesday Treleigh School Redruth 7.20pm: Gentle

  • Wednesday Chacewater 6.10pm: Improvers/Intermediate

  • Wednesday Chacewater 7.15pm: Gentle

  • Wednesday Chacewater 8.20pm: Intermediate Plus

  • Thursday St Agnes 6.30pm: Gentle

  • Thursday St Agnes 7.30pm: Intermediate

  • Friday Carnon Downs 10am: Intermediate SMALL GROUP

  • Friday Carnon Downs 11am: Improvers SMALL GROUP

  • Friday Carnon Downs 12noon: Gentle SMALL GROUP

To book please call Hannah on 07738 200030 or email

Existing clients please use the online booking system.

Class Descriptions

Mobility Classes

Our mobility classes are specifically designed for those who feel less confident about movement, due to older age or previous injuries which have settled but a return to mobility has not yet occurred.  Most of the class takes place either sitting or standing, with a focus on balance, fall prevention and strength. The exercises are functional so you can apply them to movement required in everyday life. The exercises selected are safe and beneficial for those with Osteoporosis for whom Original Pilates Exercises are not appropriate. The last quarter of an hour of this class does involve lying on a mat, but if you do not wish to do this, it can be also be done seated in a chair. Our aim is to adapt the exercises to suit you.

Gentle Classes

Our Gentle Classes are suitable both for Beginners who have never done Pilates before and for those who like a continued Gentle approach to Pilates. In our Gentle classes the pace is slow and deliberate. Each move is carefully thought out, and practised with precision. The load placed on the body is low, so this class can be suitable for those who have are recovering from injuries or illnesses, with approval from you health care practitioner.

Improvers Classes

A step up from our Gentle Classes. Suitable for those with some basic knowledge of Pilates or similar movement disciplines such as Yoga, who are free from injury and fit and well. Basic Pilates knowledge is assumed, whilst the general principles of Core, Breathing, Co-ordination, Body Awareness etc are reinforced using Pre-Pilates exercises. The pace allows for more in depth explanation where needed, and some of the more demanding Original Exercises may start to be introduced.

Intermediate Classes

Not suitable for beginners. Intermediate classes progress on from the Pre-Pilates exercises in Gentle and Improvers classes, into Original Exercises which demand greater strength, flexibility and co-ordination. A faster paced class, requiring stamina and good knowledge of the Pilates basics as a prerequisite.

Intermediate Plus - By invitation

A demanding and fast paced class, focusing on Original Exercises. Aiming to improve strength, mobility and stamina.

Small Group Classes

All our classes are small with a maximum of 10 or 12 participants, but those listed as 'Small Group Classes' are limited to 4 per class. These enable those who need a little more feedback and support from the teacher to experience this without the weekly cost of a private session. With a maximum of 4 clients per class, the teacher can consider the individual as well as the group needs when planning and teaching these classes.